Clinical supervision offered online or in-person, individually or in small groups,

with a seasoned counsellor and play therapist

with a diverse clinical background and leadership experience. 

I particularly enjoy offering support to counsellors through supervision whether someone is at the beginning of their career or in groups with more seasoned practitioners.


I am a firm believer in the concept that there is no "best" therapy method out there but there are many effective ways to support others through the therapeutic relationship. A critical requirement for experiencing success in counselling is to have a therapeutic orientation(s) that resonates with you as the therapist, so it can be easily adopted by your clients. If you believe you can be helpful then they can share in your vision of their success. Research supports this idea as well!


Supervision should offer clarity about clients. But equally important, it must support personal insights for the therapist about what may be feeling challenging and why. I attempt to balance solid, well-established ethical practices with common-sense clinical judgment and decision-making to help counsellors help others.

I have been offering clinical supervision to interns, practicing counsellors and other mental health professionals for several years and have completed a clinical supervision course through the University of Calgary continuing education department.


I am a well-experienced supervisor and trainer which began even before completing my graduate studies. In my early professional years I was trained in nonprofit leadership and I have held a number of supervisory roles throughout my career in human services, including 5 years as an Executive Director of a mid-sized children's service agency. 

I have always been interested in and have gravitated to the work of risk management and practice ethics. I was a certified trainer for Volunteer Canada in nonprofit risk management and volunteer program safety in my first career. In my role as Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, I was provided extensive training in program risk management. I am a former Parenting Assessor for child protection services in Alberta. Currently, I am a member of the BCACC Ethics and Standards Committee and I am the former Chair of the Complaints Committee for CPCA.

I carefully consider the supervision fees based on liability, the income situation of the Supervisee involved and whether there is an option for group supervision.

I suggest that we meet to consider whether we are a good "fit" for a supervisory relationship. I request formal contracts be completed that outline roles and expectations as well as the agreed upon frequency and fee structure.


Generally, meeting the supervision required for newly registering therapists is clearly outlined by the registration body. in cases where ongoing supervision is needed for group consultation or for private practice issues, arrangements can be made that are more open-ended and flexible.

Typically, I try to bill at the following rates:

  • $120/ hour for interns without income

  • $130/ hour for employed counsellors

  • $150/ hour for two counsellors

  • $200/ hour for 3-5 (small group)


Please contact me for more information about your unique circumstance.